Specialty Products

Steel Angles
Structural Steel angles of equal sides offer high strength and are available in different lengths and weights. Our range of steel angles are delivered with your projects in mind.
Steel angles have different applications: weight support on both light and heavy structural constructions, metal towers, car bodies, hardware, among others.
Steel flat bar
Mild steel flat bars are available in standard stock, or cut to length. Shotblasting and priming services are available
Steel flat bars are commonly used thanks to versatility, in many industries as manufacturers, car industry, construction, shipbuilding, etc.
Steel Tee Section
Tee Section is a beam made with plain carbon steel, with a “T” shaped cross section. Manufacturing methods of “T” sections are hot rolling, extrusion and plate welding. T bars are often used for general fabrication, and has fair formability, excellent weldability and machinability.
Our steel Tees are available in standard length in their natural state. Special lengths can be sourced upon request. Tees beams can be shot-blasted, primed and saw cut. LEON TUBOS offer these services in-house.
Steel Rods and Rounds
Steel rods or Steel rounds, offers a multipurpose solution to building projects. Steel rods are one of many adaptable steel profiles. Are essential as structural support used in bridges, walkways and buildings, they are both robust and ductile making them a popular choice for many everyday manufacturing jobs.
Cut-to-Length, Shotblasting and priming are available if you require these services.
Square bar
Square Steel bar are made with hot rolled steel, mainly used for manufacturing, repairs, suitable for everyday commercial projects, and hardware manufacturer, machinery, etc.
Steel flange
A flange is a forged or cast ring of steel designed to connect mechanically sections of pipe or join pipe. Are commonly used for pressure vessel, valves, pumps or other equipments. 
Angles and Steel Necks